It facilitates the verification and monitoring of the current accounts of Suppliers of Goods, Services, etc. It includes the issuance and control of payment Remittances.

It supports the issuance of account summaries, queries and lists of movements, balances and outstanding debts. It provides a detailed follow-up of each Voucher, with their respective charges (Payments, Credits).


  • Supplier Maintenance
  • Current Accounts of Suppliers
  • Authorization of Invoices to Pay
  • Issuance of Payments
  • Notification of Payments by e-mail
  • Payments on Account
  • Withholding of Profits
  • Withholding of Gross Income
  • Analysis of Average of Payment to Suppliers
  • Supplier List
  • Summary of Movements
  • Account Summaries
  • Movement Journal
  • List of Balances
  • Composition of Balances

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