This autonomous tool facilitates the management of notices and claims for overdue and due invoices. The module analyzes and detects your customers' overdue invoices and automatically sends e-mails to activate their collection.

The system also analyzes if after sending the notice, the client cancels the debt within a specific period, if not, it will send again an e-mail requesting the payment of the vouchers.

The system allows the user to indicate the e-mail message to improve communication with the customer.

  • Subject:
    E.g. “Notification of Overdue Invoices”
  • Body:
    E.g. “The following is a list of overdue vouchers. These must be cancelled within the next 10 days or the account will be suspended”.
  • Copy of the e-mail:
    To notify the collection manager with a copy to show that the system has sent an automatic e-mail to the customer e.g. ''.
  • Notification according to the days of the voucher being overdue:
    The tolerance in days of expiration of the invoices is indicated. If the established time is exceeded, an e-mail will be sent to the client.
  • Days to forward notification:
    If the client does not cancel the debt and the indicated days are exceeded, the system will again send an email claiming the payment.
  • Record of new events in client:
    At the time of sending the notification, the system automatically registers a new event, informing in this case 'Claim for Non-Payment', allowing the user to list these events and activate the claim by phone later.


  • The main advantage of using this type of tools is the fast execution of automated collection plans.
  • It generates a higher return on investment by minimizing the use of dedicated human capital to this task or costly resources such as collection agencies.
  • It can be integrated to your customers´ database systems without having to extract confidential information from them and give it to third parties, with only one integration between it and the automation tool. Your company keeps the data and you can communicate with your customers in a completely personalized way and with a high percentage of effectiveness.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the processes can be done continuously and in real time by monitoring the Collection Averages.
  • It facilitates the adaptation of strategies to achieve a better performance of your collection campaign.

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