Distribution logistics is the group of activities that aim to deliver orders to the customers in the best time with the least amount of resources.

This module is useful for companies that have their own transportation or also for those that have outsourced the logistics service.

It allows you to organize the logistics for deliveries that contain each load/trip, improving the control of loading and unloading.

For each delivery, you can know loading and unloading times, estimated kilometers, kilometers traveled and fuel used.

It also allows us to make an economic analysis considering delivery: sales, expenses, profitability and collection.


  • Delivery Routes
  • Delivery Areas
  • Vehicles
  • Carries concerned
  • Deliveries
  • Delivery management
  • Association of Orders to the delivery
  • Identification of Packages in the System
  • Identification of Packages by Delivery through Labels with LOGO by Delivery
  • Dispatch by Customer
  • Load Control in Delivery with mobile system
  • Customer Download Control using mobile system
  • Collection of the Delivery
  • Delivery costs
  • Profitability of the delivery (sale-cost of goods-expenses)
  • Load Summary by Delivery detailed by Product
  • Delivery List by Order of Loading / Download by route of delivery
  • Collections by Delivery
  • Sales by Delivery
  • Information System for Decision-making

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