Information System for decision-making.

This system allows the company to focus on the implementation of the short- and long-term strategy in a simple and effective way.

It allows managing the implementation of a Strategic Plan and Objectives and then translating them into action. In this way, the Senior Management is informed - day by day - and in real time, about the progress in the achievement of the pre-fixed goals. In short, it is a computer system that serves to monitor the scope of the goals in real time, through indicators and action plans.

Why is an integrated management solution needed for senior management?

  • The need for information in due time and form has become a crucial issue in modern companies that understand that in the world of high competitiveness, having key information allows them to make the right decisions, differentiating themselves strategically from their competitors.


  • It allows the creation of income statements of the Company in an easy way.
  • It allows access to summary information for decision-making. Expenses, Costs, Sales, etc.
  • Possibility to explore inside the resulting information to be able to find the causes of the behavior of the different selected variables.
  • Plotting results to find a relationship between the different variables, for example sales versus costs and expenses over time.
  • Possibility to create formulas freely, allowing us to obtain new results.
  • Possibility to visualize the information graphically to clearly observe the incidence of the different concepts to be able to draw conclusions.
  • Possibility to make comparisons between different periods.
  • It allows you to create and make comparisons against a projected budget.
  • It allows viewing information from more than one system in a consolidated or discriminated manner

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