E-commerce between companies is called in English business-to-business or B2B. Offering such a B2B platform to your customers is like having a branch of your company open 7x24.

Web-based systems allow you to expand your business by allowing customers to register their own orders and then track their evolution from the web.

It also maintains controlled access to prices, products, specifications and current stock availability.

With MAGNUS WEB, you can take control of every aspect of your online business.

MAGNUS WEB is a complement to Magnus Management to provide access to Clients and/or Prospects through the Internet to perform various queries and operations in real time.


  • It increases your revenues by offering an additional 7x24 sales channel.
  • It saves registration time and avoids errors in the conformation of Orders since it is the same Customer who registers them.
  • You can expand your market by selling products without border limits.
  • It increases sales and optimizes the flow of information between the departments of your Company.
  • It increases the satisfaction of your Customeres, by informing and answering the queries in less time, knowing their opinions and concerns.
  • It reduces the costs of traditional media (telephone, fax, regular mail, etc.) because the Internet is a very economical medium.
  • It improves the strategic position (competitiveness) of your Company, offering better services.
  • It projects an image of an entrepreneurial company to your Clients, presenting an image of a dynamic and flexible company that adapts to new technological trends.


  • Your customer can directly register Orders online by knowing the prices of the items and their availability.
  • The customer knows the evolution of the order.
  • It offers a more complete service to your customers, based on speed and availability.
  • It reduces the cost of communications established with your company.
  • It provides convenience and freedom of time to place orders or queries.
  • It improves the speed of attention because it does not require available sellers.
  • Tracking the status of orders.
  • Customers can download their electronic invoices.


Search of products
Depending on the profile of the user who accesses, Customers can consult the products, with availability and price; and the Prospects can only see products and availability. The items displayed through MAGNUS WEB, are managed through the Magnus ERP System.

Checking of current account
Your Clients will be able to consult their Current Accounts, pending vouchers, allocation of payments, etc.

Generation of order notes
The Customer will be able to register their Order Online. That order will be entered in the system with a special categorization, WEB Order, being ready for its subsequent management.

Order status inquiry
The Customer will be able to know at any time the traceability of their orders. The client will be able to visualize the changes of states in the whole process from the preparation to the dispatch (in process of assembly, closed pending dispatch, dispatched by transport).

The function of the synchronizer is to keep the MAGNUS WEB system 'connected' to the company's MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. MAGNUS WEB works transparently with the MAGNUS WINDOWS management system, but it can also be synchronized with any other system. The synchronizer will process orders registered in the WEB system and this will generate an order directly in the MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, thus avoiding the intervention of the user in the registration. Moreover, the synchronizer will receive from the MANAGEMENT SYSTEM the modifications of prices, changes of stock of products, new items, images of the products, changes in the current accounts and order status, and will send it to the WEB system to provide customers with up-to-date information.

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